Connie Milstein Hosts Viewing Party for CURE

axelrods with Connie Milstein
Axelrods with Connie Milstein

The premiere news program “60 Minutes” highlighted the ongoing struggle families endure when a member is stricken with epilepsy. Although more people have epilepsy than Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Sclerosis combined, the money invested in research into this frightening illness dwarf these other sicknesses.

As is her usual generous way, Connie Milstein made her elegant home in Georgetown the location for hundreds of friends and Washington, D.C. personalities to watch together the “60 Minutes” segment and learn more about epilepsy and its effect on families and the search for better treatments.

Follow the link for more information about CURE, the organization Susan Axelrod began in order to raise funding for research and increase awareness about epilepsy after her daughter, Lauren, was born with a severe type of epilepsy, which could not be controlled with medication, or in any other way.