Connie’s Bakery Thanks Marines in Quantico, Virginia

On Thursday, February 18, 2010 Connie’s Bakery participated in the second annual “Storybook Fantasy Night” by donating brownies which were distributed to the fifty children who were in attendance. The Fantasy Night took place at The Clubs of Quantico, Marine Corps Base at Quantico, Virginia. In addition to the fifty children there were 25 parents and an another 25 support people there to either help with the event or as presenters providing information about useful organizations found at the Quantico Marine Corps Base.

After the buffet dinner the children went to different corners around the room to listen to a volunteer, dressed like their favorite fairy tale character reading their favorite fairy tale book. At twenty minute intervals the children moved to the next corner to listen to another story. At the end of the reading session the children were given a ticket to trade for a book from Marine Corps Community Service (MCCS) and the books which were also donated by Nieman Marcus.

At the end of the evening each family was given a brown container containing a delicious brownie from Connie’s Bakery. The donation was a way to say thank you to the Marines and their families for the sacrifices that they are all making in service to their country. Coordinated through Connie Milstein and the Blue Star Family organization, “Storybook Fantasy Night” was a great success judging by the grateful, heart-warming reactions the families expressed as the evening came to a close.